Life after death – Frida Kahlo

July 13, 1954 at the age of 47 Frida passed in Casa Azul. The last words Frida wrote in her diary were, “I happily await the exit and I hope to never return again.”

What did death mean to Friday, if during her life she constantly asked not to be forgotten? She left us her self-portraits, paintings, her words, her poems, her clothes, her history, her letters, and her diary. Frida knew she would die but would also live forever.

Frida’s death makes me think that immortality is within the reach of human beings capable of inspiring other people. Frida created beauty from sadness and pain, and she even converted her death into art.

Frida’s art linked life to an earthly existence, but the soul was destined to live forever. Life is a consequence of life. Only when you truly live can you happily await death. The best evidence of this is the last painting she made as an homage to life. In the painting Viva la Vida (Long Live Life) the watermelons are like life. The seeds represent daily problems in life and when those seeds are removed, is when one can savor and enjoy the true sweetness of life.

Frida turned her life into a legend. She painted for herself and to leave us a legacy that resurrected and returned to her the glory that life stole.


What is your legacy?

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